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Testimonial – Joletta Boghosian

For me, vocal study is all about overcoming.

My pride kept me from taking voice lessons as a kid, simply because my older sister was taking lessons; humiliation as a college freshman, when hoping to audition as a pianist for one of the select music groups, was required on-the-spot to sing in front of the whole music department; and defeat when during a post-college music internship, I overheard the music director say (in reference to me) that, “she will never be a vocal soloist.”

And for many years, I let myself be held back by these experiences and emotions until a couple years ago, when while going through the darkest part of my life, I knew in my heart that singing would be my way out. So I called Nancy.

Nancy has been a vocal coach, therapist and friend all wrapped up in one flamboyant personality. She is a serious, no-joke, teacher. Our lessons together feel like a vocal workout – like my cords just took a trip to the gym. Nancy made it clear to me from day one that my progress is up to me. I MUST do my vocal workout at home if I want to see results. And because this is also a deeply personal journey for me, I know that every time I turn on my exercise tape, I take one step away from the trap of my past and one step toward the musical freedoms in my future.

After six months of training with Nancy, I was hired to be the Music Director at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Glendale where I sing and play the piano every Sunday. I guarantee they never would have hired me prior to my lessons with Nancy. That is a step in overcoming, and the growth and encouragement I receive from this church experience is helping me take the next step. In recent months, I have started to record my original songs and hymn arrangements. I know I still have a lot of work to do. I am still a “newbie” as Nancy likes to affectionately point out. This is a journey and the results will come as they come. One day, I will wake up, look back and realize that I have become the singer I knew I could be, and I will have Nancy to thank for that.

By Joletta Boghosian
Joletta Boghosian
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Photo Attribution: Forgotten Piano by Fire At Will Photography

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