5 Tips to Avoid Vocal Blowout

5 Tips to Avoid Vocal Blowout

Here are five quick tips to avoid vocal blowout:

  1. Warm up well. If you are doing the right kind of warm ups and your vocal muscles are fit (fit as in body builder fit) then warming up will not fatigue the voice before a performance.
  2. Lip trills (in my studio they are called “burbles”) on a very low volume using an exhale for breath are a great start to warming up. You also use the burble to keep the voice active before showtime.
  3. Do not overuse your face, lips and jaw while singing.
  4. When you scream, do it correctly.
  5. Remember technique. Vocal technique will see you through your worst days. But, vocal technique will also see yo through your best days. Good vocal technique is responsible for excellent singing.

-Nancy Badger

Photo Attribution: Microphone by Visual.Dichotomy

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